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Triton XLX51

Category: Heavy Workclass
The Triton XLX is a 150HP heavy work class ROV with a proven 3000msw depth rating. The Triton can be installed in an ROV hanger, or supplied with a Control and Workshop container for installation on deck.




Manipulator options include:
  • Schilling T4, 7-function, Master/Slave
  • Schilling RigMaster, 5-function, rate
  • Schilling Atlas, 7-function, rate - optional


Tooling Interface

  • 16 Station Proportional NG3 Main Manifold
  • 14 Station Proportional Thrusters Manifold, 6 spare functions
  • 12 Station Proportional Tooling Manifold


Tether Management System

The Triton ROV is designed to suit Perry Type 5A TMS. Other TMS models are available as an option.

ROV Instrumentation

  • 500W lights on dimming curcuits available (6)
  • Curcuits x 2 x 250W lights per standard (6)
  • Digiquartz depth sensor
  • Doppler Velocity Log-ROV DP - Auto Functions (Heading/Depth/Altitude/Position)
  • Gyro/Fluxgate Compass
  • Pitch/Roll sensor




Depth Rating


Length 3.2m
Width 1.8m
Height 2.2m




Payload 250-550kgs
Through Frame Lift 3000kgf