On August 2013, TMT invited Brent Garvey to our offices to give a speech as part of TMT's wellness program.
Brant Garvey is a congenital above the knee amputee who aims to change the lives of others through his achievements in sports.

Brant was born without a right-leg despite no sign of limb loss in his ultrasounds. It might as well have been a sign for what’s to come, as he has accomplished more than many able bodied athletes. As a child, he has had a deep passion for sports and was always a competitive athlete. Brant has taken part in multiple sporting events such as the Telstra Triathlon Series and Crossfit Open alongside able-bodied competitors. 


His inspirational speech was instrumental in TMT forming a team for the City to Surf 2013 run which was held on the 25th August 2013. For more details on that event, please visit this link.

Please support Brent's cause by donating in his website,