Asset Management

TMT’s Asset Management Department offers a full “life of asset” service which takes care of the storage, insurance, maintenance, mobilisation and de-mobilisation of your tooling assets in a cost effective and open reporting system. Rather than just offer a simple storage facility, Total Marine Technology will track, mobilise and maintain your assets in order to achieve the best return on investment of your subsea ROV tooling.
Our aim is to ensure that the tool is “offshore ready” at all times. When a new tool is received, a full inspection and maintenance report is completed to highlight any operational deficiencies and a service and repair plan is established. Our process includes the replacement of any missing or damaged items with OEM Components. From then on, the TMT Asset Management team log and report all stages of your equipment’s life-cycle using specialised, in-house developed software. All assets start their life tagged, labelled, coded into the system and properly stored for use.
TMT also offers a secure web-based client login so that tool status and location can be checked and current certificates and records can be accessed and downloaded.
For mobilisation requests, tooling is operationally checked by our team who know ROV tooling and can identify shortfalls in inventory, such as missing hoses and connection cables. Our process assures that critical job-related tooling arrives at the job site ready to do the operation for which it is intended. All certification, service records, operation and maintenance manuals and inventory are supplied with the tool.
When the de-mobilised tool is received at our facility, an inventory check takes place and any missing or damaged items are notified to the owner for possible financial recovery from the previous user. Post operation maintenance is then carried out and, on completion, tool status, location, maintenance records and test certificates are uploaded onto our asset data base ready for the next campaign.
Our facility offers a full lifetime service for your subsea equipment and we take care of every aspect of the equipment’s operational life. We can even supply offshore tooling technicians for your offshore service needs.